Interested in publishing your book? At the Part-Time Press, we believe that making investments in teaching faculty and sharing knowledge are some of the most important and powerful ways to improve professional practice.

By publishing with Part-Time Press, you join professionals who have served and shaped their professions through research, teaching, and scholarship. As a Part-Time Press author, you will:

  • receive careful and constructive reviews of your manuscript
  • partner with experienced editorial staff who work to make certain that you are proud of the resulting book
  • enjoy generous royalty arrangements on print and digital copies sold
  • see your book marketed and sold in a variety of formats, including print and digital
  • have your book included in our world-wide marketing, sales and distribution partnership with Eurospan to reach English-reading faculty on every continent

We’re looking for manuscripts that provide practical professional development and teaching solutions and offer effective teaching strategies.

We welcome proposals from teachers, theorists, researchers and administrators in every academic discipline. We welcome new voices; we encourage proposals from classroom teachers and first-time authors, as well as established authors.

We work with accomplished teachers and scholars who know how to share their ideas for empowering excellence in the college classroom in innovative and engaging ways. We’d be pleased to hear from you about your idea for a professional development book.

Please feel free to email us and submit some general information. Before doing so, however, please download our Submission Guidelines: Word Document | PDF Document.

These will help you prepare and format your materials for submission and provide you with detailed information about the kinds of books we typically publish.

The Part-Time Press