147 Practical Tips for Teaching Peace and Reconciliation


LEARN HOW TO: Understand peace education. See interconnections Understand conflict and restorative practices. Develop emotional intelligence. Build a positive climate of trust. Encourage critical thinking about alternatives to violence.

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by William M. Timpson, Edward J. Brantmeier, Nathalie Kees  Tom Cavanagh , Claire McGlynn

Atwood Publishing, 2009
63 pages. Paperback.

Teaching peace and reconciliation is not intellectually or emotionally neutral. Indeed, the authors state that, The teaching of peace and reconciliation is inherently complex, dynamic, and often volatile when debated or discussed. So how does the educator begin? Sensitive to the deep-seated issues surrounding the topic, the authors situate the discussion within a balance of academic theory and real-world practice. They write: This book attempts to build bridges between theory and the everyday world of educators in schools, as well as leaders in other social institutions who grapple with the complexities of peace, justice, reconciliation, conflict, diversity, unity, and sustainability. It does so by providing practical tips for teaching peace and reconciliation that are rooted in a variety of theoretical and practical orientations…. Our hope is that different people will use these concise and practical tips as springboards for promoting peace and reconciliation in schools, colleges and universities, other organizations, in communities and other groups, locally and around the world. Of special interest are the personal narratives from the authors as they share their own experiences with peace and reconciliation.


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