CASE PRICE: Grade Less. Smile More. Learn to Cut Your Grading Time in Half.


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Patricia D. Lesko, Editor
The Part-Time Press, October 2019
72 pages. Paperback.

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With this book, the Part-Time Press launches a series on teaching aimed at helping college faculty tackle some of the thorniest and most pressing challenges they face as educators. This book tackles grading.

Ego cogito, ergo sum: “I think therefore I am.” To play on that famous phrase you could say, “I teach therefore I grade.” But who taught you how to grade student work? Chances are that no professor, faculty orientation or conference presentation provided you with the low-down on how to grade, much less how to grade effectively and efficiently. If this is the case, you’re using Model T grading strategies in a self-driving car grading world. The good news is that it’s relatively simple to learn to implement technology, techniques and strategies that will reduce the amount of time you spend grading.

See Inside This Book!

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The book will help readers:

  • Structure courses for more efficient and effective grading.

  • Learn grading best practices.

  • Move beyond the Lecture-to-Exam cycle.

  • Streamline grading time through the design and use of rubrics and grading plans.

  • Minimize student grade-grubbing.

  • Discover active learning techniques that reduce grading time.

This book helps faculty sharpen their teaching skills and adopt more effective, efficient grading strategies.

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