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A Handbook for Adjunct/Part-Time Faculty and Handbook II in a convenient downloadable and specially-priced two-book set! From getting started in the classroom (A Handbook) to more advanced education theory and post-secondary pedagogy (Handbook II), this set of books provides teaching faculty with a first-rate, comprehensive professional development resource.


A Handbook for Adjunct/Part-Time Faculty, Seventh Edition, by Donald Greive, Ed.D. & Patricia Lesko, MFA
The Part-Time Press, 2011
160 pages. Paperback.

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With over 265,000 copies sold, A Handbook is one of the most trusted faculty development resources available today. A Handbook is more than just a teacher’s manual! This powerhouse helps readers tackle the day-to-day challenges associated with teaching part-time. The book takes faculty members (including those new to the classroom) step-by-step through the semester. Readers begin with a discussion about the importance of andragogy, student-centered learning and cooperative/collaborative learning. The book offers loads of suggestions and teaching tips and helps instructors sharpen their skills in order to become more confident and competent in the classroom. A Handbook helps readers build stronger lessons plans, integrate media and technology into lectures effectively, facilitate more dynamic classroom discussions and craft a variety of test types and assessment tools (including self-assessment tools).  A Handbook offers practical advice and successful strategies in a readable, accessible style and format.

Readers say….

“Adjunct instructors often enter the teaching arena with extensive work experience that is vital to keeping our programs updated. A Handbook for Adjunct/Part-Time Faculty and Teachers of Adults is a practical tool they can use to be successful immediately and throughout their teaching careers.” — Dr. Sharee P. Koppell, Academic Dean, Sullivan College

“Your books are super-excellent! We have provided them to our new adjunct faculty as well as to our seasoned adjunct faculty who want to continue growing and refreshing their teaching skills.”— Jeana Bodart, Adjunct Faculty Coordinator, Ivy Tech Community College

“Must Have Information for Adjunct Instructors…” — Fred Fanning author Essays on Safety, Health and Environment

“Great tips in a concise format!”— review from Amazon.com



Handbook II – Advanced Teaching Strategies for Adjunct and Part-Time Faculty, 4th ed.
by Donald E. Greive, Editor
The Part-Time Press, 2016
176 pages. Paperback.

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The fourth edition, an expanded collection of over two dozen instructional essays, gathers together the professional know-how of award-winning teaching faculty, as well as research faculty, staff and administrators whose work focuses on faculty development, student retention and success, as well as faculty mentoring. The book includes essays on topics such as:

  • student engagement and motivation
  • integrating technology into the classroom
  • collaborative/cooperative learning
  • flipped/hybrid courses
  • rubrics
  • teaching large classes
  • distance education
  • testing and test strategies

Handbook II Advanced Teaching Strategies for Adjunct and Part-Time Faculty is used in over 1,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. With over 45,000 copies sold, this book helps faculty sharpen their teaching skills and become more effective instructors.

Readers say….

“Great Resource! I am going to be teaching as an adjunct instructor for the first time, so I purchased this book to help prepare for the job. The book is filled with many tips and ideas that I plan to integrate into me my teaching. I found the advice offered in the book very helpful and it made me feel more confident about how to go about getting students to be active, engaged learners in the classroom right from Day 1!”–Amazon.com review

“Great info for any instructor. I highly recommend this for any teacher, instructor, or adjunt. Great and simple ideas you can use in class, especially with adult learners! I provided a copy to all instructors.”–Amazon.com review

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