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Teaching Strategies & Techniques for Adjunct Faculty, 6th Edition
by Dr. Donald Greive
The Part-Time Press, 2018
56 pages. Paperback.

From Just in Time Teaching and the Experiential Learning Cycle to course planning and the best ways to integrate social media and technology into your classroom, the new 6th edition offers up the latest teaching strategies coupled with fresh perspectives. You’ll read about classroom management, testing, grading and even a section on incorporating blended and flipped learning techniques.

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This is an intentionally brief and to-the-point book for busy part-time faculty. It is a quick and straightforward teaching reference full of tips, strategies and proven techniques. If you are new to adjunct teaching, returning to the profession or have been teaching for several years, Teaching Strategies will help make your teaching experience more productive and enjoyable.

Readers say….

“Anyone could pick up this book and feel more confident in the classroom….”—Amazon.com review



Grade Less. Smile More. Learn to Cut Your Grading Time in Half.

Patricia D. Lesko, Editor
The Part-Time Press, October 2019
72 pages. Paperback.

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With this book, the Part-Time Press launches a series on teaching aimed at helping college faculty tackle some of the thorniest and most pressing challenges they face as educators. This book tackles grading.

Ego cogito, ergo sum: “I think therefore I am.” To play on that famous phrase you could say, “I teach therefore I grade.” But who taught you how to grade student work? Chances are that no professor, faculty orientation or conference presentation provided you with the low-down on how to grade, much less how to grade effectively and efficiently. If this is the case, you’re using Model T grading strategies in a self-driving car grading world. The good news is that it’s relatively simple to learn to implement technology, techniques and strategies that will reduce the amount of time you spend grading.

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The book will help readers:

  • Structure courses for more efficient and effective grading.

  • Learn grading best practices.

  • Move beyond the Lecture-to-Exam cycle.

  • Streamline grading time through the design and use of rubrics and grading plans.

  • Minimize student grade-grubbing.

  • Discover active learning techniques that reduce grading time.

This book helps faculty sharpen their teaching skills and adopt more effective, efficient grading strategies.

Going the Distance: A Handbook for Adjunct & Part-Time Faculty Who Teach Online, 2nd Edition
by Patricia Adams, Evelyn Beck and Happy Gingras
The Part-Time Press, 2019, 2nd Edition
112 pages. Paperback.

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This book was authored by a trio of award-winning distance educators who have, collectively, been developing and teaching distance education courses for decades. Happy Gingras is the Director of Teaching and Learning at Pitt Community College. Evelyn Beck is the Dean of Arts & Sciences at Piedmont Technical College. Patricia Adams has been planning, developing and facilitating online courses for over a dozen years at Pitt Community College.

Since first being published in 2008, this handbook has helped tens of thousands of college faculty transition their courses online! Whether you’re just thinking about teaching online, a first-time online course facilitator, or you are an experienced distance educator, Going the Distance: A Handbook for Faculty Who Teach Online will help you sharpen your online teaching skills, develop and deliver more richly-structured distance education courses.

The new Second Edition contains updated and expanded sections on blending, assessment, student retention, course development/design, conferences, awards, copyright, tips and teaching techniques for the online classroom.

Going the Distance: A Handbook for Faculty Who Teach Online provides faculty—full- and part-timers—with the contents of a first-rate teaching workshop for a fraction of the price.


Readers say….

  • “This is a good starter kit for those new to teaching online. It can also be a good review for those experienced in the online environment but need a refresher or are attempting to solve a problem. Covered are important topical areas such as assessment, technology, guests, and virtual field trips. In addition, course development processes and issues are discussed. Of course, all of this is generalized knowledge that can be adapted to meet the reader’s individual institution’s policies and procedures.”—Amazon.com review


Blended Learning & Flipped Classrooms: A Comprehensive Guide
by Patricia Adams and Happy Gingras
The Part-Time Press, 2017
128 pages. Paperback.

To download the Table of Contents in PDF format, click here.
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Blended Learning & Flipped Classrooms: A Comprehensive Guide is an impressively written, organized and presented instructional guide that is unreservedly recommended for personal, professional, school district, college, and university library Teacher Education collections and supplemental studies reading lists.–Midwest Review of Books

Blended Learning & Flipped Classrooms: A Comprehensive Guide is a useful, slim book by Patricia Adams and Happy Gingras, experienced, award-winning college educators, introducing many new ideas of how to manage the classroom and reach the students. This handbook would be especially relevant for new faculty, adjunct or full-time, as it includes tools that some professors might never have thought of or dared to try. The writing is lively and enthusiastic, and not laden with academic jargon. When you’re ready to take some risks and make some changes, this book will provide much of what current college teachers need to blend and flip their classrooms.–Deborah Straw, book reviewer, AdjunctNation.com

Wish your students….
• Took responsibility for their learning?
• Completed coursework and actively participated in classroom discussions?
• Completed assigned work on time?
• Turned in assignments that followed directions/rubrics?

Flipped classrooms combined with blended learning strategies and techniques allow teaching faculty to combine their own creativity with technological tools that can make all of these “wishes” (and more) come true. Students in flipped and blended courses are more engaged, prepared and excited about the course materials you are eager to teach. Authors Patricia Adams and Happy Gingras—award-winning faculty members—have been teaching flipped and blended college courses for over a decade and in this book they take readers step-by-step through the process of flipping and blending a course.

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