[USED BOOKS] Teaching Strategies & Techniques for Adjunct Faculty, 6th Edition


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“Couldn’t put it down. Went back and yellow high lighted almost the entire text. His guidance is excellent, with so many alternative moves for different moments. Thanks Donald!”—Amazon.com review

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by Dr. Donald Greive
The Part-Time Press, 2018
56 pages. Paperback.

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From Just in Time Teaching and the Experiential Learning Cycle to course planning and the best ways to integrate social media and technology into your classroom, the new 6th edition offers up the latest teaching strategies coupled with fresh perspectives. You’ll read about classroom management, testing, grading and even a section on incorporating blended and flipped learning techniques.

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This is an intentionally brief and to-the-point book for busy part-time faculty. It is a quick and straightforward teaching reference full of tips, strategies and proven techniques. If you are new to adjunct teaching, returning to the profession or have been teaching for several years, Teaching Strategies will help make your teaching experience more productive and enjoyable.

Readers say….

“What is great about this book is that it is written in a conversational tone, as if Dr. Greive were sitting with a colleague at a coffee shop, sharing his secrets about getting through the first (or fifth, tenth, or twentieth) college semester. I am certain I would have benefited from this book years ago when I first started teaching. Today, I am a seasoned adjunct faculty member, and I still learned from this book.”—Dr. Doreen Lewis, book review, AdjunctNation.com.

“Anyone could pick up this book and feel more confident in the classroom….”—Amazon.com review

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