[USED BOOKS] Wake ‘Em Up–Super-Charge Your Student Engagement


In this book, author Julie Smith outlines successful strategies and provides proven tips that help faculty create and facilitate engaging, student-centered courses. She shares the research. Read real-life examples of best practices, and how to implement those best practices easily and successfully.

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by Julie Smith
The Part-Time Press, December 2020
120 pages.

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Meet the Author: Listen to a podcast with Julie Smith in which she discusses her book and student engagement.

Today’s college students are not eager to sit in classes and listen to dry lectures. They crave involvement, voice, authenticity and creativity. In other words, they crave engagement. Engagement is beneficial for both the faculty member and the student. Engagement increases student retention, success and enjoyment. A reputation for being an engaging instructor can also make the difference in a dynamic and competitive higher education job market. This book was written as a “how-to” guide for engaging instruction, but it also provides the science behind why engagement is so important. You will find tech tools as well as “old school” methods within these pages.

Julie Smith earned her M.S. in Mass Communication from Southern Illinois University—Edwardsville, and her B.A. in Public Relations and Marketing from the University of Tulsa. Julie has taught media and communications for 17 years. She is on the board of the Gateway Media Literacy Partners and does workshops and professional development for school districts and universities world-wide, sharing her expertise in classroom engagement and educational technology.

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Praise for Wake ‘Em Up

“Julie Smith has an uncanny ability to let her personality shine through her words while offering realistic and joyful opportunities to make students take notice. After reading her work I was set and ready to take my teaching up a notch!” ­— Kim Darche, Adjunct Professor and Instructional Coach

“Building upon a decades-long career as an educator and a passionate media literacy advocate, Julie Smith has managed to curate personal experiences, pedagogical and cognitive scholarship and practical advice in her latest book on student engagement. Recognizing that the 21st century classroom is populated by digital natives whose technology skills and expectations of learning are acutely different from what many educators have grown accustomed to, the author offers an accessible and easy to implement mix of pedagogical observations and specific strategies to increase student engagement in the classroom. This is a great read for any college instructor who is struggling to find an accessible ‘how to’ guide to make students comfortable, willing to participate and get involved in both the traditional and virtual learning environment.”—Elza Ibroscheva, Ph.D., Associate Provost, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville



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